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In fact, many enterprises often don't know what types of social security payment services these social security payment platforms provide, what the specific process is, and how enterprises use the services of these platforms. Today, Xiaobian will analyze the service content provided by the social security payment platform.
What is the social security payment platform for?
Generally speaking, the business provided by the social security payment platform mainly includes three aspects, namely, social security agency service, social security payment service and social security supplementary payment service. In addition, on this basis, various social security payment platforms will also provide some differentiated personalized service content.
Social security agency services are mainly divided into account opening and affiliation. It is not difficult to understand that opening a social security account is to open a new account for an enterprise without a social security accumulation fund account (usually refers to a newly established company). Affiliation means that the platform attaches employees to a designated third-party company to pay social security for employees.
Many enterprises choose this method in order to save time or avoid the limitations of different account opening policies in different regions; However, it should be noted that since 2016, affiliated companies have been clearly defined as illegal acts, because there is no real labor relationship between affiliated companies and individuals. Therefore, employees' affiliation with this form of social security agency has considerable risks.
Customers can choose to have their social security paid by the agency on time, just by remitting the social security fund to the designated account in advance.
It should be noted that regular social security agencies will provide special accounts supervised by banks to eliminate the risk of misappropriation of funds. In addition, social security agencies will provide off-site transfer services, but this service does not cover all small and medium-sized cities. If there is a relevant need, you need to specifically ask the platform service personnel for confirmation.
What is the process of paying social security on behalf of others?
The social security payment process of Jinan social security payment platform is generally: after the enterprise leaves the contact information on the website, the salesperson will call to communicate, open the account number according to the instructions and submit the corresponding materials (business license, account opening license, and authorization for entrusted collection in the same city, etc.) to start using the relevant social security services. In the subsequent social security account management, there are mainly the following two ways:
1: It directly provides an enterprise with a personnel management system, including basic social security management functions (employee increase and decrease, transfer, etc.). For enterprises with frequent personnel changes, this method is convenient for HR to operate and manage anytime, anywhere, and is more convenient and fast.
2: Enterprise HR directly connects the personnel changes with the social security agent consultants, and the platform manages them. The advantage of this method is that the enterprise can completely eliminate the trouble of social security management, and all operations and management are completed by the professional social security consultants on the platform, which can reduce the probability of errors to a certain extent. However, human services generally charge a certain service fee.
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